Dork Dairies

I’m sure everyone has at least heard of this series. I’ve read all 12 and I am dying for the author to release a new series. Not only is it funny, but with all the sharp turns, you just really want to find out what happens next. In this book, there are so many good and bad things happening all at once, but funny at the same time. I absolutely love this book. For anyone who hasn’t read this book, this is a MUST READ! This book is great without a doubt. This is my 2nd favorite book, and is in the run to being my 1st favorite book.

Middle School

By James Patterson

Middle school: Worst year of my life

This series was great! The first book wasn’t as funny as expected but it was still pretty good. The fact that the main character Rafe's brother passed away made it quite emotional. It was also sad that Rafe’s crush Jeanne didn’t like him. In this book, it would have been better if that storyline went somewhere but it didn’t. The book just kept on going not really getting anywhere.


In the end, the main character received a scholarship to an art school after being expelled. So, this is telling me after doing something so bad, you get expelled then get rewarded by getting the opportunity to redeem yourself if you work hard enough.  But other than those things, the book was good. But it would have been much better for the first book in a series to be one of the best so you can get the reader to keep reading the other books.

Little League

coming soon....

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