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Updated: Sep 3, 2019


Have you ever wondered what causes pollution, what it does to the earth, and how to stop it?


There is pollution all over the world and it is quite unhealthy for us and the earth. So, I am going to tell you how to help reduce all types of pollution.


How to stop it

The air gets polluted when it gets dirty. It gets dirty when all the factories let out smoke. It goes into the air and contaminate it, then we breathe in that air. The contaminated air gets in our lungs and we could get really sick.

Another way the air gets polluted is by the smoke from cars. Therefore, it is best for us to use eco cars. Eco cars are electric cars that do not run on gas.

There are plenty of ways to reduce air pollution, but the best way is to stop cutting down trees because trees help's to clean the air. However, construction workers cut down trees to make houses, furniture, frames, etc.

Did you know that global warming is also caused by pollution?

There are more than one types of pollution and next, I am going to tell you all about …


How to stop it

Illegal Dumping- Some industries illegally dumps oil in the ocean. They also dump waste that is not biodegradable into the ocean. If it's not biodegradable, it stays in the water for a very long time and pollutes the water. That is what happens when you throw something in the trash that was supposed to go in recycling. When it goes in the water the chemicals spread. Then the water gets polluted. And the sea animals eat the trash and could either die or get sick. And when we catch the sick fish and eat it we get really sick. That is why it is very important for us to recycle.

When the earth gets polluted it damages our environment.


Land pollution is the same thing as littering and people do it all the time. When they have nowhere to put their trash, they decide to throw it on the ground. Even when there is a trash can just steps away. If you have trash and there is nowhere to discard it, instead of littering, put it in your pocket until a trashcan is available. People who litter do not really care about the environment. This is not good because one day the earth is going to be destroyed by it. Litter also injures animals. The trash that people throw on the ground affects animals. Animals sometimes think the trash is food and eat it, or they get trapped in it and hurt themselves. Land pollution also affects humans. (Olivia Lapointe.)


Ozone layer

Global warming and pollution can cause a hole in the ozone layer. And then the sun’s radiation will affect us.

Global warming is caused by pollution. When the temperature rises, ice melts and if all the ice melts it could cause a great flood.


Global warming is when the temperature rises and the ice melts.

Ozone layer: The ozone layer is a layer around the earth that protects us from the radiation from the sun.

Biodegradable: When something sits on the ground and turns into dust.

Bird Stuck in Oil Waste

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