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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Science By. Jayda Mayfield- 2016

An invention is something that someone created that did not exist before.

A scientist not only thinks of inventions but they also develop new ideas of how the world works.

Everyday Science

Science does not only takes place in a lab, it is all around us. Science is almost everything we do, such as cooking, playing with plastic toys, or talking to a friend on a telephone.

Solids and liquids

In solids, the particles are tightly together. Solids can be rough, smooth, small, or big. It has a fixed shape. Liquid particles are close but not like the solids. That's why when you pour a liquid into a cup, it makes the same form as the cup.

Types of rocks-

1. Gypsum 2. calcite 3. Fluorite 4. apatite 5. feldspar 6. quartz 7. topaz

did you know?

A toy car is powered by


We use magnets in many different ways. The motors inside machines are driven by small magnets while large magnets can power-trains

. Compasses use earth's magnetism to show us the way.

A toy car is powered by an electric motor which uses magnets to make a spinning motion. Electric motors are found in lots of machines washing machines and vacuum cleaners have big motors.

Did You Know?

The particles in a gas are very separated. That's why gas spreads around everywhere. Or wood does not allow light to go through it. If something blocks the light it makes a dark area called a shadow.

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