Why is Reading so Important?

Why is reading so important for a child? There is a quote

 “ A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” - unknown 

There is actually more of  a background behind this quote, and even some scientific reasoning. 

Early Ages 

It all starts from our younger years of our childhood, the earlier the better. Even a parent reading to their child from a young age helps them learn sounds, words, and language. They are also more likely to begin speaking from a slightly earlier age. Reading to your child helps them develop early literacy skills. This will help them have a special spot for stories and boosts the imagination. 

The Brain 

Reading helps the brain, and helps with social skills and communication. It opens up pathways in the brain . It can lead to advanced brain function in up to 17 different parts of the brain. Reading also affects our physical and emotional states in a positive way, it is scientifically confirmed that reading is one of the most stress relieving/reducing activities. I know that's true for a fact! 

It can also improve your health from an older age, how? It has been shown that reading lowers your heart rate. It can improve memory, brain power, etc. Need some more proof? Cunningham's studies show that analytic thinking is boosted by reading. It improves general knowledge patterns and understanding.

If you didn't know before, now you know that reading is very important.

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