G-Z41EXYP4GK Will Filthy Water Affect Plant Growth?

Will Filthy Water Affect Plant Growth?

By Jayda Mayfield 4/10/18 (4th Grade)

I tested if filthy water will affect plant growth. The plant used for this experiment was the philodendron plant. This plant grows its leaves before it grows its roots. I took a stem and grew it in just water (no soil). The leaves had already formed. My experiment was to see if the plant with filthy water would still grow. I compared it to a plant with clean water.

Question: Does filthy water affect plant growth compared to clean water?

Hypothesis: I think it will grow slower and not as healthy as a plant with clean water.

My hypothesis was partly right. I believed the plant with filthy water would grow slower. It did not grow at all. It was not healthy. It even started to die.


Independent variable: The dirty water: Both dirty water and clean water were used.

Dependent variable: The ingredients used to make the filthy water. such as soap and grease.

Controlled variable: The plant I and the water. I did not change the plant nor the water throughout the experiment.


Dirty/ gray water

Clean water

1 Display board

2 empty plastic water bottles

2 plants with no roots


Steps followed to make this experiment:

1.Make dirty, cloudy, or filthy water. (I

used dish water.)

2. Fill up a water bottle with the filthy water.

3.Fill a water bottle with clean water.

4. Put the freshly cut stem in the water

5.Watch each plant and see if filthy water affects plant growth.

Data Collection Tool

These are the results on certain or different dates.

Date: March 12, 2018

Clean water

Filthy water

-Nice and healthy

-Getting ready to form its roots

-A nice dark green

-Looks the same

-A paler green

-Root is not forming

March 19

-Still very healthy

-A brighter green

-Root is about 1 inch

-In the process of growing a new leaf

-A paler green

-stem starting to turn a little black

-No root growing


March 29

Clean water

-root estimate is about 3 and 1/2 inches long

-nice and healthy green

-The plant is absorbing all the water. Water is shrinking

Filthy water

-Starting to die

-Turning black

-no roots growing

-The plant is not really absorbing the water. Water is not shrinking

Weekly Progress

The Philodendron Plant

The philodendron plant is heart shaped. They grow in moist tropical forest. For this plant, the stem and leaves grow first then the root.

Results and Written Explanation

The results of the dirty water plant were that it started to die. The first week the filthy water plant did not take much effect. The only thing that was different was, the dirty water plant did not absorb as much water as the clean water plant did. The second week, the tip of the stem started to grow black and was a paler green. The third week, it started to die completely. So, the final test results were, filthy water does affect plant growth. The clean water plant grew its roots perfectly and healthy.

Whatever is in the water the plants will absorb. If something filthy gets in the water, the plant will absorb it.


This experiment proves that filthy water does affect plant growth. My hypothesis was correct. Except the plant did not grow at all. This experiment helps me to realize that it is important to grow plants in clean healthy water. In the experiment, I had to take care of the plants and watch them daily. That helps me take care of other important things. During the experiment I had no serious problems that stopped me from doing this experiment. If I were doing the same topic (planting) next year, I would do a topic on whether or n a plant grows without sunlight compared to plant with sunlight.

All plants need water. Plants need water for a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis means the process of a growing plant by using nature sources such as, sun, water, and air. The leaves are where the photosynthesis takes place.

Water helps plants by carrying nutrients from the sun and soil to the leaves and stems throughout the entire plant. Without enough water the plant will droop or die.

For all these things to happen the water needs to be healthy. It needs to be clean to carry nutrients throughout the plant and to cause photosynthesis. This is why the filthy water plant did not grow healthy, and the clean water plant did.




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